Jonny Cat Coupons

Yeah…so anyway I just got my very first Jonny Cat coupons and saved even more than I thought I would.  I was pleasantly surprised when the coupons worked in conjunction with a sale I didn’t even realizing was running at the time.  Got some double dip action!

Johnny Cat Original is a really simple cat litter that does not clump.  Because of this, you will need to change the litter box more frequently then with a clumping litter. It does use absorbant clay that will hold a fair amount of moisture, though.  It is however, a cheaper litter than most and, even without a cat litter coupon, it is quite affordable.  Johnny Cat coupons will make this litter very affordable and work well with a tight budget.

Jonny Cat now has a scoopable litter that will hold the waste tight and make for much easier cleaning.  Instead of changing the entire litter box, you can just remove the clumps and the box is fresh once again.  Even scoopable litters should be changed periodically, to avoid saturation, pooling and ammonia build-up.

Johnny Cat has a fragrance that, when scratched, will release.  Not all cats like this but most don’t seem to mind.This is a common practice with many leading brands and I enjoy the way it works.  Every time your cat uses the box, the scent is released but does not continue to permiate the air when the box is not in use.

Jonny Cat also has a club named, Club Jonny.  You can join Jonny Club for newsletters and specials and you can get $1.00 off coupons for Jonny Cat through the club.

Use this link:

I like to use the Jonny Cat liter coupons from the club or find them through the big coupon houses on the web.  I then get the printable cat litter coupons and print them at home to use at the supermarket. This is a great money-saving technique that is easy to do, but also easy to forget.  Just remember, Jonny cat coupons are are going to make an already well priced cat litter, that much cheaper.


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