Scoop Away Coupons


Scoop Away coupons come is all sorts of discounts, depending on where the specific cat litter coupon came from.

It was back in 1987 that A&M first introduced a scoopable cat litter to America.  The demand for this extremely handy product began to grow.  Although they started in their garage,  soon the company invested in a bentonite company to keep a steady source of the fine clumping clay. They gave the litter the name Catsanova’s Scoop Away litter, later dropping the Catsanova and keeping just the Scoop Away.

The company was acquired by First Brands Co. in 1992 and in ’99 was purchased by Clorox. Since then, Clorox has launched an entire line of clumping, scoopable cat litter products under the Scoop Away brand.  This has been a huge success story for a small cat litter company that started in a garage.

One of the beauties of having a cat litter that is owned by a multi-billion dollar corporation is that the price good and the available discounts on the cat litter  are almost endless.  Scoop Away coupons can be found online as printable cat litter coupons or even cat litter coupon codes.  They are also readily available in coupon books or fliers at large supermarkets and pet product retailers.

Often coupons cannot be used with other promotions or discounts but that is not always the case.   For instance, we were able to buy two bags of Scoop Away cat litter and get 50% off the second bag while also redeeming a 15% of coupon on both bags.  The 15% off came off the original price of both bags, then the second was reduced in half.  That was one of the best cat litter savings we have ever encountered.

Scoop Away now has several litter selections:

Complete Performance, an all in one clumping litter with maximum odor protection

Multi-Cat Formula for high traffic litter boxes

Fresh Scent with maximum odor control to keep any litter box smelling good

Plus Crystals, a litter with max. odor control and added crystals

Free, a fragrance-free litter often used in houses with hypo-allergenic conditions

Each of the litters can be purchased at discount with Scoop Away coupons

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