Yesterday’s News Coupons

Yesterday’s News is an environmentally focused cat litter product made of recycled paper products that are good for your cat and good for the planet. The moisture absorbing pellets are made from recycled newspaper, cardboard and reclaimed industrial sawdust. It can be found at many pet stores but you should always use a cat litter coupon in order to get the best discount on cat litter. will make this fine product all the more affordable.
Yesterday’s News was started in 1987 and is a leader in alternative cat litter. They take product that would otherwise end up in the waste stream and convert it to a usable byproduct. Every year, Yesterday’s News recycles over 20,000 tons of paper waste.
The litter contains no chemicals and can absorb up to three times the amount of moisture as clay based litters.

Yesterday’s News is owned by Nestle and gets much of it’s cardboard product from other Nestle companies.
Being dust and chemical free, this cat litter is perfect for cats coming out of surgery, as is one cause infection.
So get the Yesterday’s News printable coupon off the web or a Yesterday’s News coupon code whenever purchasing this product.

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